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Ozon wash

Do you enjoy that fresh clean smell in the air on a rainy day? Your clothes can smell like that too if you use our Queen Wash machines with a revolutionary new “Ozone Technology.” This new technology effectively cleans and deodorizes your laundry for a freshness you have to smell to believe!
How does it work? It’s simple. We infuse the water in your washer with Ozone. Compared to a regular cleaning, Ozone wash has a much stronger sanitary effect, while also keeping your laundry softer helping it to last much longer. That saves you money!
Better than Bleach! Ozone kills mold and mildew, fungus and spores. It destroys a wider variety of pathogenic microorganisms like viruses and bacteria than any other non-toxic detergent, and it does it 3000-times faster than Chlorine Bleach. So the ozone laundry cycle is shorter than a regular one, and this drastically reduces the wear and tear effect.
Unlike Chlorine, ozone does not damage your clothes with harsh chemicals. Ozone is basically just oxygen with an extra O molecule, so it doesn’t leave any chemical odors after the cleaning cycle and it doesn’t cause allergies. The amount of detergents used during Ozone wash is minimal, so this laundry method is as natural as you can get.
When washing with ozone, cold water is used, so there is no need to worry that your clothes will shrink or get discolored! Even delicate fabrics like wool or silk are safe and won’t get damaged.
Not only is ozone a powerful sanitizer that’s gentle on your clothes, it’s also a more environmentally friendly option. This technology uses less water since the washing cycle is shorter. It saves power too. Less electricity is needed since there is no need to heat up water to high temperatures. Come in and experience the Ozone difference.
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We have a HUGE parking lot with plenty of FREE PARKING for customers right in front of the laundromat. Queen Wash laundromat is located in a bright, safe shopping center with 24-hour video security cameras.
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